Mahaska Stiegler (soprano intern)

If an eighth-grade student can be a kind of Renaissance person, that might describe Mahaska Stiegler, soprano intern with Masterworks.

Mahaska, who is an 8th-grade student at Toledo School for the Arts, takes choir and participates in the Mariachi Club for fun. She has taken piano lessons for five years, which she says helps her singing by making it easier to identify pitches and different aspects of music theory.

Both of her parents, who are professional musicians, have been key musical influences. Her mother is a singer and pianist; and her father is a sound technician who also plays many instruments.

In her free time, Mahaska enjoys listening to a wide spectrum of music including indie and jazz. Among her current favorite singers are Billy Joel and Billie Holiday. While only in 8th grade, Mahaska can see herself pursing dance or medical school in the future, and perhaps music if the opportunity presented itself. Mahaska is a creative talent when it comes to a few of her favorite activities – knitting and baking. In addition to knitting things like scarves and socks, she took time to knit a hat for her new baby sister. She loves to bake and has created an original recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Her name Mahaska, has family significance. She is a direct descendant of Chief Mahaska, or White Cloud, of the Ioway tribe.

Morganne Hull (Soprano Intern)

For Morganne Hull, a junior at Toledo School for the Arts (TSA), she is not kidding when she says music is her life.

In addition to interning with Masterworks, at school Morganne takes vocal classes, advanced chorus, and voice lessons. Prior to that she was in a choir under the direction of Lyndsay Andrews, a new soprano member with the chorale, and took private voice lessons. At home, Morganne began her musical journey playing viola in 4th grade. Since then she has taught herself many instruments including guitar, ukulele, bass, oboe, violin, and her favorite instrument – the cello.

Morganne has always felt connected to music and singing, but credits Ms. Andrews as a musical influence. Her musical interests are varied, but she currently favors alternative music including 16-year old pop phenomenon Billie Eilish.

Interestingly enough, while music is a key part of Morganne’s life, she would love to go to college to be a vet. And at some point she would like to move to Phoenix or Seattle, where she has family.

Morganne loves animals; she has four cats, two with her mother and two with her father. She also enjoys nature and is committed to the community. Morganne volunteers at Toledo Metroparks, where she is currently a counselor in training.

Auditions for High School Interns:

Masterworks Chorale accepts up to two high school singers per voice part for an internship experience in which the singers participate as members of the Chorale for one rehearsal cycle and its culminating concert without paying dues. Concerts in the 2018-2019 season will occur on December 1 and 2; March 23; and June 2. Interested high school singers should submit the form below and get a letter of recommendation from their choir or voice teacher. Admission to this program is by audition. Please use the form below to sign up for an audition.